Software testing that you can depend on

The testing was traditionally considered the last step in product development; however, we believe it should begin at product inception and design. The general rule of thumb is that the cost of fixing defects goes up tenfold with each development stage.  For example, if the cost of fixing a defect at the design phase is $100, you can expect to pay about $1,000 to fix the same defect at the coding phase, $10,000 at the testing phase, and $100,000 or more after production.  The risks of cost overrun in software development are now more manageable with DevOps; however, the risk remains.

We bring in QA experts for your technology stack and build a test strategy that works for your product.

Risk Assessment

Factors considered during risk assessment include use case studies, technology risks, safety and legal concerns, and the cost of failure.

System Test

End-to-end system tests, functional tests, regression tests, Gray box tests, performance tests, security tests, load tests, usability tests, etc.

Test Automation

We automate mobile app testing, web application, cloud applications, and desktop software. Automation is essential to implement successful DevOps strategy.

Embedded team

DevOps model requires a test team embedded with the development team.  We offer both local and offsite teams to work with your development team.  We also perform full onsite or offsite testing as an independent team.