We specialize in testing devices with embedded firmware

Embedded devices can be uniquely challenging to test as one may not get a chance to update them once they are released and in the customer’s hands. Even with IoT devices, remote upgrades can be difficult as some customers may decide not to link the device to the internet due to technical challenges or security concerns. If a released device does not have the expected functionality or has defects at the time of shipment, in the best case, it can be a return; in the worst case, it may trigger a product recall! In either case, the reputational harm to the brand may be irreparable.

We have the expertise and staff to advise you on test strategy and test your embedded firmware products.

Risk Assessment

Considers factors such as use case studies, safety and legal concerns, and the cost of failure.

Hardware Testing

Includes functionality, reliability, environmental, and certification testing.

Test Automation

Automate embedded firmware and device testing. Automation is beneficial for regression testing and inline manufacturing testing.

Compatibility Testing

Ensures that your device is compatible with other supported devices, and works with different versions firmware releases.